Remembering Tita Ming

September 2019 We were mourning over my mother's passing. Friends and family came to visit. It was Tita Ming, one of my mother's younger sisters, came from Manila. She wore this black shirt, jeans and white shoes and sporting her bangs. We laughed about it because she did it herself. In between tears, she laughed … Continue reading Remembering Tita Ming


We call him Lemon, Menchikel, Lemonding, Mench, Menk, Menchkin, Deng, and his future chubby wife calls him, "Lemoooown! Tig-ang na to!" as what we often joke about. But he will always be our Nanay's little husband. I am sorry Nanay passed away too soon, leaving him at his tender age of ten. Now, while I'm … Continue reading Lemon

The Herza GC

With the pandemic and the mandatory installation of an internet connection for every household came the rising number of group chats (GC). This included family group chats mostly with your relatives based abroad and your Titas and Titos eagerly asking for updates on your life. My experience happened recently when a group chat was started … Continue reading The Herza GC


Hi Jegu, Kamusta ka na? How can it be na after all these years ikaw pa din ang mahal ko? We had something very beautiful, you know. And I messed up because I wasn't contented. But after everything that has happened, I still wonder how things are going on for you. I hope you're fine, … Continue reading Jegu